Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Passion Play 2010 in Oberammergau

For most, it is a once in a lifetime event to experience the Passion Play Performance in Oberammgau taking place only every ten years and next from May to October 2010.

There are many reasons why you should consider to travel with Incantato Tours to Oberammergau. Here is one of them: Sandra Weinacht, CEO of Incantato Tours, was born and raised in Germany and has been in the travel industry for many years prior to starting her own company with like-minded professionals. In 2000, Sandra personally directed over 15 groups to the Oberammergau Passion Play and experienced first-hand the immense joy, but also challenges that such a large scale event brings along for both the participants and organizers. She has returned to the otherwise quaint village almost every year since and established relationships that are sure to benefit the groups heading to Passion Play with Incantato Tours.

Unlike most tour operators, Incantato limits the number of groups they are bringing to Oberammergau in 2010, because it is our mission to make sure the travelers receive the personal attention they deserve and is needed when they are among thousands of others. Essential spiritual experiences are our trademark and we look forward to providing your group with a truly custom-designed journey. Because all Incantato Passion Play Tours are individually designed, they are suitable for all budget types and for all age groups starting with students from kindergarten age as part of our multi-generational offers and include special itineraries for senior citizens. We tailor-make every journey to meet your expectations and gladly incorporate special interest such as art, music, culinary, architecture, gardens etc. We specialize in groups starting at 15 and have organized enriching journeys for more than 300 traveling together.

We feature a selection of Oberammergau Passion Play 2010 itineraries that incorporate various destinations and interests below. You are invited to review them as a first introduction into the many possibilities and look forward to hearing from you via phone at 646.696.1195 or email to info@incantatotours.com to design your future pilgrimage and faith-based journey to Europe.

Catholic Germany & the 2010 Passion Play

These journeys heading to Bavaria and the neighboring regions in the central and southern part of the country focus on Germany’s rich catholic history and many historical sights including shrines, churches and museums. Like every Incantato tour, we custom design the itinerary to match your groups’ expectations. Destinations could include Munich, Regensburg, Altoetting, Neuschwanstein with Wies-KIrche, Oberammergau.

Enchanting Italy & Oberammergau

Start or end in the eternal city of Rome and experience a Papal Audience at the Vatican as just one of many highlights. Stops en-route to Bavaria and the 2010 Passion Play can be made in Assisi, Florence, Venice, Padua, Milan, Munich.

Grand Reformation Tour & Passion Play 2010

Follow in the footsteps of Luther, Zwingli and Calvin. Visit sights and stations associated with the reformers’ lives in Germany and Switzerland either before or after you experience the events in Oberammergau. You may choose to visit Berlin, Wittenberg, Eisenach, Heidelberg, Worms, Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva.

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Our Incantato Passion Play Team looks forward to hearing from you via phone at 646.696.1195 or email to info@incantatotours.com to design your future pilgrimage and faith-based journey to Europe.

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